The Company Name »io-technologies

The Company Name; io Technologies stands for Innovation & Opportunities. The Company aims at pioneering technological creativity by younger generation to introduce new ideas, processes or products, thus Innovation, While responding to external and internal opportunities, therefore, removing the fallacy that Africas' technology is entirely an importation.

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Introduction to our Services


Web and Graphics Design

Our web & Graphics development team has the knowledge and expertise to build a complete and vibrant presence for your business/organization on the Website.


Network Design & Development

We design and implementation structured topologies for LAN, designing and building state of the art Wi-Fi network using strong encryption algorithm and range boosted access points to give you secure and stable computer network.


Computer Repair & Maintenance

Daily operations using computers and their peripherals create a demand of computer services ranging from general computer cleanliness, performance optimization, software installation & upgrades, security and so on.


Security & Access Control System Installation

A successful business/firm tends to protects its valuable assets and data from theft and destructions. Our Company will provide you with systems that monitor footages and control physical access to your assets and data.


ICT Equipment & Software Supply, ICT Training & Support

ICT Equipment demand increases as there is an increase in technology level which in turn increases the demand of ICT Training & Support. We are dedicated to lead you on every step you take to reach your goals on this aspect.

Company Clarion Charter

Innovative Eye, Feel the Innovation. Always the company looks at services offered with an innovative eye so that we make you feel the test of innovation.

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