The Company Name; io Technologies stands for Innovation & Opportunities. The Company aims at pioneering technological creativity by younger generation to introduce new ideas, processes or products, thus Innovation, While responding to external and internal opportunities, therefore, removing the fallacy that Africas' technology is entirely an importation.

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What our Clients say about Us

Since We decided to move with technology, shifting from manual system to computerized system, io Technologies Co. Ltd has been the answer to our challenges and technological limitations.

Rabininsia Memorial Hospital

Thanks to io Technologies Co. Ltd for the Development of the Central Repository for the Organization Data and Information. This Enables Safe Sharing and Access to data and information at Any Time.

PSM architect

Designing and implementation of PA system for 40 hospitals in five regions has helped us to reach majority of citizens to educate them about HIV/AIDS and provide general health education.

Tunajali II Program, USAIDS & Deloitte Consulting Firm